Saturday, July 10, 2010

A fun summer project

This looks interesting and fun, courtesy of Photojojo. Making a self-portrait using a scanner and the contents of your pockets.

In terms of using the scanner, I remember when, in response to an assignment to create scanner art for a class project, my friend Erica Stebbing broke an egg on her scanner and created an image that rocked the class.

I thought that was a pretty imaginative and audacious statement.

Interesting to look at these images and consider what sort of self portrait the contents of our pockets will tell. Mine would be pretty prosaic; wallet, handkerchief, keys, lint. Puts me in mind of something I learned about Andy Warhol during a visit to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh: about once a month, his assistants would come behind him in his office and box up all the stuff he had surrounding him. They'd then seal the box, date it, and put it away. Today, the Museum's curators are opening these "time capsules" to learn more about the artist and his mind.
The Face Your Pockets project

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