Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blackbeard Festival in Hampton

Every so often, you have to do things Just For Fun. Yesterday was one of those days, as the resident womenfolk prevailed upon me to take them to the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton. This festival is a righteous bounty of excess, with people's normal restraint collapsing under the strain of giving voice to their inner pirate. More pirate gear, heaving bodices, and Jack-Sparrow-inspired eye makeup than you could shake a stick at. Add in Several stages worth of music,  the obligatory festival grease pits., and a prevailing sense of relaxation, and you have the picture, so to speak.

So I took my backup-backup camera, a Nikon D40x, a crappy kit lens, and walked around.


These guys were near the entrance. At these festivals there is always plenty of handicrafted work to buy-- or in this case, plunder.

Some of this stuff looked like it was plucked directly from the 17th century.

These pirates took the concept of relaxation to their own level.

Two saucy wenches exploring their own inner pirate.

People just LOVED the idea of having their photos made and were eager to strike a piratical pose.

And then, the ship ran aground on the Isle of Grease. I've been eating poorly and too much for the better part of sixty years, yet I must say that the Blackbeard Festival provides a gracious excess of ways to fry things.

The fried ribbon potato was popular, but the industrious could find fried twinkies, even fried Oreos. Urp.

Pirate merch.

I was convinced I would look damn skippy in this suit, but then figured that by the time Tricia got enough fabric top make it, we could reupholster the couch.

This man look very convincing, although I was convinced he was a misplaced re-enactor from Boonsborough.

Pirates all. And the young women who love them. It's GOOD to be a pirate!

Nothing sadder than reaching the end of one's flagon.

But she managed to retain here sense of joie de vivre for the camera!

I looked in vain for Captain Thighbiter, but caught up with this young couple, the young man of whom had obviously broken into Johnny Depp's prop and makeup trailer. I was really digging the pose-- right up to the digital watch. Ah well-- what's an anachronism among friends?

Old dogs-- and young. Even the pup got into the act.

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