Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pictures as ODU outlasts Gardner-Webb

It is always a pleasure to cover sports. I started in this business as a news photographer 40-plus years ago, and really felt most at home photographing sports. Had some success at it as well. But, as I keep telling Tricia, in the same way that major league baseball players take batting practice to keep their timing up, a photographer has to keep shooting. Sports is particularly demanding in that knowing the game and anticipation will only take you so far; you still have to have timing.

Took me about three quarters to find mine. I find the game surroundings and the people as interesting as the action on the field.

It was a long night for ODU quarterback Thomas deMarco. This was the first game in many that he did not throw a TD pass, and the G-W defense seemed to have him dialed in. He was harassed all night.

Which meant that the ODU defense had to come up large, and they did. They rushed Gardner-Webb quarterback Browning all night and provided a great deal of pressure.

One had the sense that ODU regarded this Big South opponent pretty lightly, and came out flat. At least that's how it looked from the sidelines. A long night for this guy.

But when the home team wins, how bad can it be?

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