Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to Basics

Decades ago I got my start as a newspaper photographer, and have always felt at home covering events and sports, things that require the ability to think on your feet and respond quickly to changing events. And light.

This picture was a challenge. Ever tried to hold and pose 100-odd college kids for a picture when the bar is open inside?
Double speedlight assist for the expose. We lost a couple, but they were thirsty . . .

In that spirit it was back to basics on Friday night as I covered an formal event for a local fraternity and sorority. One of the interesting challenges the event photographer has to contend with is changing light conditions. So I saw everything from full daylight to speedlight-assisted murk.

No doubt that going full frame makes a huge difference.

Attractive young people everywhere you cared to look!

Full frame really makes a difference when mixing speedlight and ambient.

The event, at the Planters' Club in Suffolk, was brimming with lovely young women.

As the evening wore on, the "formal" became far less so. Some things have NOT changed in 40 years....

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