Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland 2010

Certainly the largest snow I can recall in Norfolk since i moved here in 1983. Ironic how the big snow events hit others, but generally miss us, as we are insulated by the ocean. Not this time. And we're not done yet!
The view from my dining room window this morning. 
View from the street in the later morning, before the snow came down with a vengeance.

These trees are not used to carrying a burden of snow and bend mightily under the weight, creating new pathways for children, dogs and intrepid parents to explore.

Another interesting snow crated view. All of these photos either in front of my house or across the street.  Don't have to go far to see a lovely vista in a new way.
Last photo of the day, taken after I shoveled the walks and swept the car.  We don't get this often; must enjoy it when we do!

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