Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DSLRs are over: Discuss

Anyone who has heard me hold forth on the subject of DSLRs making video knows that I think they are a game-changer in many ways. The size of the imager allows the shooter the ability to control depth of field in a way that a 1/3-inch chip simply can't allow. Yet in order to get the sort of form factor pro shooters expect, you have to geek these camera up with outboard equipment: grip cage, rails, focusing knobs, etc. Yet that has been no impediment to a generation of young filmmakers who have embraced the greatly lowered cost of entry and are turning out stunning work.

Some have recently written that ‘it’s over’ for VDSLRs, largely in response to recent announcements by video camera manufacturers about competitive products such as the Panasonic AGF101 recently announced at IBC.

So as you might imagine, when THIS title turned up on an email, it caught my eye. Interesting read.

DSLRs are over: discuss

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